I never thought I would live in Iowa, always Utah, Colorado or maybe near Seattle.  But, when I stopped over for a visit in Dubuque I fell in love with the countryside and the people.  I thought back then I could be happy here.  Sure enough over three decades later I'm still here.  I have a love for architecture and how things work.  Over the many years while working for John Deere we bought old historical buildings and renovated, restored or converted into deluxe apartments in the old downtown.  This is my final greatest achievement to build a Frank Lloyd Wright cottage.   I often say, "There's a reason why people don't build Frank Lloyd Wright structures, extremely complex, and difficult to find the right people!"  I was very lucky to have so many devoted people helping us out with this project.   The mason's who really got behind the art of how to lay the 100 tons of stone.  The contractors who insisted on cedar wood, no steel vents, or plastic.  The plumber, electrician, radiate heating, water well guys, all put thier best foot forward and put the very best into this project.  I must also say, I have great friends who for over two years worked on the woods, clearing out brush, making a trail.
Finally, I couldn't have done all this without the support of the family.  Keeping a positive attitude, dont cut corners, press-on!
Thank you so much.
Thank you for considering this wonderful cottage, truely a masterpiece on the bluff.